Blake Carpenter and PeacockSunrise Records are delighted to announce that Before Doomsday the sixth single from the upcoming new album Concrete Jungle is now available on Bandcamp, and to be released worldwide through all popular digital outlets such as Apple, Deezer, I iHeart Radio, iTunes, Pandora, Spotify, Tidal among others.

Music and Lyrics Blake Carpenter
Voice, Keys, and programming Blake Carpenter
Recorded, mixed, and mastered at Retromatic Studios 
Florance, Alabama

Watch the video here

On and on we’ve followed all the dreams we’ve had 
But everything seem the same 
Is there any way to change the past 
So we can do it all again 

Every time we seem to find the right way to go about it 
It just seems to go the wrong way 
Every day we live the same life over and over again 
Hoping that we’ll see a better day but it never comes

There are some who think that they know how we should live our lives
But have they ever looked into the mirror 
Living high up on a hill spending our hard earned dimes 
Do they know that they’ve destroyed the future 

Every time they tell us this and promise that it’s all a lie 
It is just a game they play at our expense to get high 
High enough to keep control and keep us all at bay 
This is not a fantasy, it is happening today 

It is time for us to regain control and have our say 
While we still have the freedom to believe 
Stand up and fight, fight for your right, your right to be free 
Know inside that it is your destiny 

You have a voice, we have a voice let’s all be heard loud and clear 
No more whispering in each others ears 
Let’s climb that hill and let them know why we are here today 
We are taking back that which is ours, this world before doomsday

About the song
Before Doomsday is another track about taking back control of our lives. Yes, I know, ANOTHER ONE? Yeah, sorry not sorry but I see it happening every day to all of us. We are all being manipulated to distrust each other, fear each other and yes, hate each other with every flick of the thumb, swipe of the finger, turn of the dial and change of the channel. We need to regain control of our emotions and stop letting others tell us how to think and feel. This type of fear-mongering and manipulation will lead to that final solution the doomsday clock predicts. There are people in this world who want nothing more than the destruction of anything they don’t agree with and they are playing us all like the fools we are. both sides and each end of the isle all have the same agenda, total control of the human race creating the perfect slave resource that has been groomed to not QUESTION AUTHORITY but we must!

About Blake
Originally from Rhode Island, a well-rounded singer/songwriter/musician with a multitude of influences ranging from classical to metal and spanning all genres in between. His favorite styles of music are those that showcase drive and talent. Writing in styles from folk to classic prog, hard rock/heavy metal to post-punk and new wave, Blake will take you on a journey beyond imagination.

After many years in the prog-rock scene, Blake revisited a style of music that He grew up with, stuff from the ’80s. He loves synths, drum machines, and airy sounding guitars with melodic vocals and harmonies. The new music he is producing will undoubtedly remind many of those wonderful days of experimental music that was an instant pop success. If you like the music of the 80’s please have a listen you will love what Blake has to offer!

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