Ember Swift wrote this on social media about the new song.
“Hate the saccharine sweetness of V-day? Nothin’ sweet goin’ on in this video, but avert your eyes from that pesky little meerkat’s face… 🤣 1st single from new soon-to-be-released album “Mid-March Meltdown” !! Happy ❤️ANTI-Valentine’s❤️ Day!”

Canadian artist Ember Swift now resides in the magnetic city of Beijing, China. She has released 12 albums and 1 DVD project since 1996 and continues to have a loyal fan base across many national borders.  “Sticks & Stones” is her most recent album, released in 2017. It is a project comprised of 16 songs in three categories: Song for Adults; Songs for Kids; Songs for Adults with Kids. Close on its heels is the next project, her 13th album, which is in process and scheduled for release in early 2021.

Ember speaks Mandarin and is a student of Chinese culture, so her music also melds these two traditions. It features lyrics in Mandarin, English and French (the latter both official Canadian languages) and the arrangements feature both Western and Eastern instrumentation such as the featured erhu in her band, a two-stringed traditional Chinese instrument that is considered the ‘Chinese violin.’

Specifically known for her unique, jazz-influenced guitar playing and elastic vocals, additional styles include folk, jazz, swing, R&B, funk, pop, folk-rock, and blues.

From the album “Mid-March Meltdown”
© Few’ll Ignite Sound, 2021
Filmed, Directed & Produced by François Nadeau, Montréal Canada (www.aminumerique.com)

“I Don’t Love You” written by Ember Swift (SOCAN) & Gabriel Beaudoin (SOCAN)

Video Featuring:
Ember Swift – Acoustic Guitar & Lead Vocals
Gabriel Beaudoin – Electric Guitar
Gabriel “G Man” Pitts – Drums
“Orijinal” Ray – Keys (Keys on Recording: Yoav Volansky)
Wang Ya Qi 王雅琪 – Erhu
Dong Dong 东东 – Bass (Bass on Recording: Dan Zylinski)
(Backing Vocals on Recording: Gabriel “G Man” Pitts & KC Nkese Perez)

Front Cover

About The Album Title
Everyone will assume this album was named after March of 2020, when the world went into lockdown (three months after China, though!) and then those lockdowns very quickly turned into meltdowns for many families and individuals. It’s true that this album title is apropos after the year we’ve had! But the truth is that the meltdown in question came from the same month in the year 2018–the kind shaped by broken shards of heart.

About The Album Theme
Meltdowns are often what determine what the next steps are in life. For me, those steps were regarding where home should be (“Be My Home”) and when accepting darkness should become a priority (“It’s Like That”) and why hope should always be allowed to lead (“Broken Thing”). Along the way, there have been some moments of wanting to give up (“I Don’t Care”), wanting to detach (“Skin on Skin”), and wanting the fantasies (“Paris”) to lead me into a purposefully fuzzy perspective like the font on my song titles–unclear to the point of manipulation (“Illusion”). So imagine life is in a transition and these are the songs here to remind us to resist the temptation to be our own obstacles (“Knockin’”), to kick out uncertainties (“Ambiguity”) and to fight the urge to settle for what will never steady us (“Castaway”)

Rear Cover

Stay-tuned. This album is literally just weeks away from release. I’m giddy with excitement!
~ Ember

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