Polish progressive rock masters RIVERSIDE are releasing their legendary “Out Of Myself” debut-album from 2003 for the first time ever via InsideOutMusic worldwide (Outside of Poland!) today.
In order to promote the much overdue re-issue and at the same time remind about the recent “Lost’n’Found – Live in Tilburg” release, the live-version of “The Same River” – the epic opening track of “Out Of Myself” – from said retrospective live-album is being launched today.
Check out the live-clip for “The Same River (Live in Tilburg)” here:

RIVERSIDE’s Mariusz Duda checked in with the following comment:
“During the pandemic, RIVERSIDE have clearly given in to retromania, reissuing some older releases every now and again. The reissue of our first album, “Out of Myself”, is perfectly justified though, as this year we are celebrating our 20th anniversary and we wanted to start the celebrations on a high note. We played our first song, “The Same River”, also at the concert in Tilburg in 2015. Today we can smile at the infamous slip-up with the guitar which stopped working at the beginning of the song, making the intro last what seemed like forever. It was a good time. I hope that the reissue of “Out of Myself”, this time on InsideOutMusic, will also be symbolic. Retuning to good memories is a much needed reflection these days, and it may as well herald the beginning of changes for the better.”

“Out Of Myself” is available as Special Edition CD Digipak & Sticker and as LP on 180g vinyl, with the entire album on CD as bonus. This re-issue comes with artwork by Travis Smith (Opeth, Devin Townsend, Psychotic Waltz, etc.) and its vinyl version was re-mastered by Dan Swanö / Unisound (Katatonia, Opeth, Nightingale, etc.).

Here is the track-listing for RIVERSIDE’s “Out Of Myself”:

1. The Same River (12:02)
2. Out Of Myself (03:43)
3. I Believe (04:14)
4. Reality Dream (06:15)
5. Loose Heart (04:50)
6. Reality Dream II (04:45)
7. In Two Minds (04:38)
8. The Curtain Falls (07:59)
9. OK (04:47)

The vinyl-re-issue of “Out Of Myself” is available in the following versions:

Black LP+CD – unlimited
Orange LP+CD – 100x copies from IOM webshop Europe (Sold out!)
Clear LP+CD – 200x copies from IOM webshop Europe (Sold out!)
Grey LP+CD – 400x copies from CM Distro Europe (Sold out!)
Bright gold LP+CD – 200x copies from JPC
Yellow LP+CD – 200x copies from Burning Shed
Transp. petrol green LP+CD – 300x copies from Just For Kicks
Light pink LP+CD – 200x copies from Nuclear Blast
Transp. red LP+CD – 100x copies from Riverside
Creamy white LP+CD – 300x copies from IOM USA

Get the “Out Of Myself” re-issue here: https://riverside.lnk.to/OutOfMyself

Check out some more live clips in promotion of the “Lost’n’Found – Live in Tilburg” release via InsideOutMusic:
“We Got Used To Us (Live in Tilburg)“: https://youtu.be/EOv_OrJRMh4
 “Hyperactive (Live in Tilburg)”: https://youtu.be/_LEbGCGj5iM
Previously only available as limited self-released fanclub/tour-edition, “Lost’n’Found – Live in Tilburg” marks a very special live-release which re-visits an outstanding performance at one of the biggest shows during RIVERSIDE’s European tour in 2015 for their acclaimed “Love, Fear and the Time Machine” album and also documents the group’s last tour with original guitarist and founding member Piotr Grudzinski († 2016, R.I.P.).

“Lost’n’Found – Live in Tilburg” has been now made available widely as 2CD+DVD (The concert is coming on DVD for the first time ever!), as Gatefold 3LP (On Black vinyl and limited coloured variants!) on 180g. vinyl with the full concert on two CD’s as bonus and as Digital Album. “Lost’n’Found – Live in Tilburg” features 13 songs recorded on October 18th, 2015 at 013 in Tilburg, The Netherlands with a playing time of 104 minutes.

Get the “Lost’n’Found – Live in Tilburg” reissue here: https://riverside.lnk.to/LostNFoundLiveInTilburg/

And before that, RIVERSIDE released a special edition 2CD+DVD version of their latest and highly successful studio-album “Wasteland”. The ”Wasteland – Hi-Res Stereo and Surround Mix” 2CD+DVD comes as Digipak format with an additional Slipcase and includes a DVD bonus disc of “Wasteland” as Hi-Res Stereo 24bit version and as Surround Mix (4.1), plus 3 video clips. This edition also contains 5 previously unreleased acoustic tracks/versions on a separate CD.

You can still order RIVERSIDE’s ”Wasteland – Hi-Res Stereo and Surround Mix” 2CD+DVD as well as other catalogue titles here: https://Riverside.lnk.to/WastelandHi-ResStereoAndSurroundMix
The acoustic tracks/versions of the “Acoustic Session” are also available as separate Digital EP here:

Check a static video for the “Out Of Myself – Acoustic” track here: https://youtu.be/bCrBtc4AHLQ

And check out clips related to RIVERSIDE’s “Wasteland” album here:
“Lament”: https://youtu.be/4Wqlts7QWA8
“River Down Below”: https://youtu.be/ZS1crIkpnwc
“Vale Of Tears”: https://youtu.be/001IMO53JwY
 “Wasteland”: https://youtu.be/6dLf45s67hM
“Wasteland” (live clip): https://youtu.be/-ygv3BBqv3U
“Vale Of Tears” (live clip): https://youtu.be/iPOFthH3584



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