MOOP was born in 2013. The quartet (two baritone sax, guitar and drums) self-produced its first album in 2017: an 8-track record blending multiple influences from jazz to heavy rock via improvised music. The album had an echo in various countries and was eventually distributed by the German independent label, Tonzonen Records. Since then, the band has sharpened its sound.

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MOOP – Ostara (official teaser)

Now a trio, MOOP recorded its second album in 2020: Ostara (a Pagan spring celebration). Erwin Toul is on drums, William Brandy on baritone sax and Julien Coupet on guitar. This second album features 4 original tracks. It’s a big step aside from the clear and clean sound of the previous album. 

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The three players elaborate more on textures and soundscapes. The album contrasts moments of light brightness with wanderings into darker territories. The three musicians share the mutual taste for a colorful sound, juxtaposed with dynamic ruptures and breaks.

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1. Manlayl
2. #eule
3. Ostara
4. Papatte douce

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