At the end of 2019 Sunset Junkies released their debut album ‘Cosmos’ – a sprawling, heavy, progressive masterpiece that announced the arrival of a new force on the Australian rock music scene and beyond. 

Just as the band were firing up for a string of shows in 2020, their grand plans were shot down by ‘youknowwhat’. Just like everybody else in the world, they were forced into a period of reflection, rejuvenation and creativity.

Before they release their hotly anticipated sophomore album in 2021, Sunset Junkies have decided to give ‘Cosmos’ the love and respect it deserves with a full re-release on vinyl.

Fronted by creative force Byron Short and featuring the supremely talented Ellie Jane as co-vocalist, Sunset Junkies are a heavy groove-based progressive rock powerhouse and they’re not afraid to let their freak flag fly, leaning hard on an avant-garde experimentalism that sets them apart from the rest of the scene.

‘Cosmos’ presents a rich tapestry of genre-defying musical offerings, all while retaining an infectious pop-rock sensibility and rare songwriting nous, each unique piece strung cleverly across the broad thematic thread. Produced by Short and mixed by Grammy-winning big gun David Bottrill (Tool, Muse, Peter Gabriel) and Ryan McCambridge, ‘Cosmos’ is a bold statement of intent that keeps listeners coming back to find fresh discoveries among the hundreds of instrumental and vocal layers that comprise the 7 song suite.

A special edition release, limited to 100 units and remastered for optimal sound quality, ‘Cosmos’ on vinyl will present the monumental work as it was always intended to be experienced.

‘Sunset Junkies’ album ‘Cosmos’ in my opinion sounds like the love child of Dream Theater and Faith No More with a dash of Zappa fusion sprinkled with a hint of Pink Floyd-esque esoteric transcendence. Eyes were shut & bodies were moving as the crowd got lost inside this show’

‘Every now and then a band creates an album that has you hooked from its first riff to its last fade out. No need to skip, it’s a journey, it’s an experience. An album that will have you doing an extra lap around the block on your drive home to make sure you hear it till the end’Listen to ‘Cosmos’ from Soundcloud HERE:

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