Beyond The Mask, is the first single from the 2021 album Concrete Jungle by BLAKE. Watch Beyond The Mask Here

About Beyond The Mask
“It is a new era we are living in! All the sci-fi movies of the past are joining together to make their fantasy a reality for us all. From epic disasters and killer disease to crazed leaders and mass unrest we are all stuck in a scene we cannot control. Or can we? The album Concrete Jungle, to be released early in 2021 by Blake has some music for thought. A synth dream with a touch of nostalgia. Here is a little teaser for a track to be released as a single from that album on Halloween 2020 (October 31st). Beyond The Mask takes a look at the current virus situation and asks why, we as a people cannot just come together as a community to beat this. How many have to die before EVERYONE understands?”

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