US rock artist Blake releases his debut album “Remembering The Future” worldwide digitally. The album was initially released in August on cassette tape for just $12. and feature the three hit singles, “You Can“, “Color Blind” and “The Downfall“. 

Track Listing
1. Greed
2. 8:45
3. Color Blind
4. You Can
5. Some Direction
6. The Down Fall
7. Tears
8. Hourglass

How much will this set you back?
The price for the digital album is only $8 however for just $4 more you can order the tape to display on your knick-knack shelf and as a bonus when you purchase the tape you will immediately receive a digital copy of the album. Oh, and cassette tapes also make great gifts, so grab one before they are gone.

In the age of digital, analog music has made an incredible resurgence in the last decade starting with the return on Vinyl records and followed by analog tape, a format well suited for Blakes debut.

“Remembering The Future” has a feel-good 80s’ pop sound with a modern take, giving you the feeling that you have been transported back to a time when legends such as Human League, Tears For Fears, XTC, Talk Talk, Spandau Ballet, and OMD ruled the airwaves.

About “Remembering The Future”
There are many questions we ask ourselves as we get older. Have things changed? Have we made for ourselves the future we wanted when we were young? Is the world a better place? Did we make a difference? The answers, for some, are rarely what we want them to be but we continue on, hopefully still striving for that future we wanted when we were kids. 

The hard part is not letting it get you down. I use music to keep the sadness at bay but it doesn’t always work and I fall into deep holes of blackness for a while and give up only to hear the right song at the right time and get pulled back out again to strive some more.

“Remembering The Future” is essentially a trip back in time, remembering my thoughts about the future. Where I wanted to be ten, fifteen, even twenty years from then. Remembering the wants and needs of every passing day from loves to come and loves had and lost, what will become of everyone’s future, and fighting for what you believe in, the divides that we have in the world, and the future of the planet. What would all this look like in the future?

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