In Anticipation of This Week’s Livestream Event Shred RACERS ONLINE F2, Presented by YOUNG GUITAR Magazine × Nippon Cultural BroadcastingCheck Out New Music Video Cover of The Hit Anime Song “Gurenge (紅蓮華)”Live Stream Show Featuring Some of Japan’s Finest Technical Guitarists Including: Li-sa-X, SAKI (Mary’s Blood, NEMOPHILA), and Ediee Ironbunny (IRONBUNNY) Taking Place Live Fro Tokyo on September 26

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Watch the event LIVE wherever you are!
TOKYO - 9/26 14:00 (JST / UTC+0900)
LOS ANGELES - 9/25 22:00 (PDT)
NEW YORK - 9/26 01:00 (EDT)
LONDON - 9/26 6:00 (BST)
BERLIN - 9/26 7:00 (CEST)

On September 26, a selection of Japan’s finest technical guitarists will converge for the special Livestream event Shred RACERS ONLINE F2 live from Tokyo, an epic shred battle presented by Japanese magazine YOUNG GUITAR and Nippon Cultural Broadcasting.

Li-sa-X, SAKI (Mary’s Blood, NEMOPHILA), and Ediee Ironbunny(IRONBUNNY) are confirmed to perform live during Shred RACERS ONLINE F2, an epic shred battle between some of Japan’s most brilliant guitarists. Presented by Japanese magazine YOUNG GUITAR and Nippon Cultural Broadcasting, the show will be live-streamed worldwide from a live venue in Tokyo with no audience on Saturday, September 26 at 2pm Japan time!

The performers include; SAKI, a female guitarist who performs in multiple projects such as Mary’s Blood and NEMOPHILALi-sa-X, a 15-year-old guitar prodigy, and Ediee Ironbunny, the cyborg guitarist of IRONBUNNY. In addition, Fuki from Unlucky Morpheus, and Kotono and Minami of IRONBUNNY will also perform as guest vocalists.

In anticipation of the event, SAKI(Mary’s Blood, NEMOPHILA)× Fuki (Unlucky Morpheus)× Kotono × Ediee Ironbunny have record a new video cover of the hit anime song “Gurenge (紅蓮華)” which is now streaming here:

Ediee Ironbunny
▼VOCAL: Fuki (UnluckyMorpheus)

Watch another video collaboration “Richromatic” featuring SAKI [Mary’s Blood, NEMOPHILA], Li-sa-X & Ediee Ironbunny [IRONBUNNY] here:

Shred RACERS ONLINE is a concert series that started last month, which regularly hosts a special live performance where guitar aficionados can enjoy super plays by Japanese guitarists with outstanding techniques. From the original songs of each artist to the covers of guitar classics, as well as a jam session by the participating artists, the ultimate shred battle will be delivered to your home live from Tokyo.

YOUNG GUITAR x Nippon Cultural Broadcastings presents Live show with Japanese technical guitarists


Streaming Live date
2020/9/26(Sat.) START 14:00 JST/ UTC+0900

Ediee Ironbunny (IRONBUNNY)
Fuki(Unlucky Morpheus) *Guest vocalist
Kotono (IRONBUNNY) *Guest vocalist
Minami (IRONBUNNY) *Guest vocalist

Ticket type
Standard viewing tickets
4,500 yen (tax included) (*priced at $45 in USD)
Streaming ticket + exclusive original new song download
5,500 yen (tax included) (*priced at $55 in USD)

A viewing ticket with code to download a new collaboration song written by SAKI, Li-sa-X, and Ediee Ironbunny.

The download code for the song will be sent by email as soon as the download distribution is ready. The PIN code is not yet available at the time of ticket purchase.

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Ticket sales period
On sale now – until Saturday, September 26, 2020 at 14:00
JST (Japan time) / UTC +9:00

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Online Store:

Shinko Music Entertainment Inc.
Nippon Cultural Broadcasting
Trihexa Recordings

Please be sure to read the “Notes on Performances” on the official website before purchasing your ticket.


About Li-sa-X:

Born in Kanagawa prefecture, the 15 years old started playing guitar at the age of 5 and started posting videos on YouTube at the age of 7. Her cover video of RACER X’s “Scarified” that she posted at the age of 9 revieved over 5 million views and drew major attention. As a result, she won “The Most Popular Video of 2014” by Guitar World Magazine as well as first place in “The girl for the future of heavy metal” on MTV and “A great kid’s guitar player to look forward to in the future” on VH1. When acclaimed hard rock and heavy metal guitarist Paul Gilbert, the composer of the song, saw the video, he invited her to to be a student at an online guitar school where he teaches. In 2016 she performed with Paul on stage in Japan. In 2017, as a 12 year old sixth grader, she made her major debut with the EP “Serendipity.” That same year, she played the first solo concert and appeared in several events including Summer Sonic 2017, making her the youngest performer to ever play the festival. In addition to serving as the opening act for Polyphia’s performance in Japan, she also performed with Kiko Loureiro at the annual NAMM SHOW in the United States. She has also appeared in a TV commercial for Toyota’s T-UP. In 2018, her first original full album “WILL” was released. In spring 2020, when she became a high school student, she formed a band with vocals, “Li-sa-X BAND,” which she currently plays in alongside her solo work in instrumental music.


About SAKI:

In 2010, SAKI made a splash with the debut of her band mixx. After the dissolution of mixx, she joined Mary’s Blood in 2012, and made a return to the limelight. While continuing to play with Mary’s Blood, SAKI started a new project NEMOPHILA in 2019 along with Muratatamu (Dr.) and others. In 2020, SAKI formed a new band with former Dragonforce and current Kreator musician Frédéric Leclercq(Ba.), with plans to release an album soon. She was the first female endorser of Killer Guitars. SAKI has participated in works and live performances with many other artists, both as an arranger and performer. She has also participated in OZZFEST as the supporting guitarist for the second generation of Animetal. She was ranked #7 in “BURRN!” Magazine ( a first for a female guitarist). In addition to playing the guitar, she uses her writing skills to write live reports and columns in various music magazines

Ediee Ironbunny

About Ediee Ironbunny:

Ediee Ironbunny is a cyborg guitarist who’s traveled from the year 2300. After Rock and distortion had disappeared from the world in his time, he has traveled back to the present day to restore the glory of rock and change history. His cyborg body was altered to withstand the pressure of time traveling; He only re-tains the parts of his human body that connect with musical instruments, like his fingertips. After his arraival in our time in November 2018, Eddie appeared at NAMM Show 2019 in California and made his name known to the world. In March the same year, he invited three female vocalists to form the rock unit IRONBUNNY. They later released the mini-album ‘Iron Hummer Alternative’ which featured 80s-style classic hard rock accented with modern-day phrasing. The overall sound has both nostalgic and contemporary elements. Ediee is a purist and believes that you can’t have rock music without long guitar solos and picking harmonics.

Minami and Kotono