The reviews for Kid Dad’s debut album ‘In A Box’ are in…

“Guitar-driven anthems that could fill arenas” (5/5) –NARC. Magazine

“Kid Dad’s debut is bursting to kick down doors and be heard by the wider world” (4/5) –Kerrang!!

“Kid Dad’s Debut Album is a Box of Wonders”- CUB Magazine

“Debut albums don’t get much better than this. …expect this to hit your Album Of The Year list.”- Punktastic

“It’s strong, it’s emotional… nearly indescribable…(8.5/10)”- Discovered Magazine

“…complex and, honestly, it’s brilliant. An incredible debut album from an incredible band.”- When The Horn Blows

“In A Box is an insular record that is about to break down many walls for a group destined for greatness. A stunning album.”- Yorkshire Times

“”In A Box” is the first big exclamation mark of a promising newcomer band” (7/8) –STAGELOAD

“In A Box already feels like the product of a fully-formed band with greatness in their wake” (7/10) –The Soundboard

“”In A Box” is a masterful debut-album and convinces throughout! ARTNOIR – Musik Magazin

“Immediately on the first run you feel like this could be an album full of favourite songs.” (6/6) Nebendemstrom

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Max: Maximilian Alexander Zdunek (Bass/Backing Vocals)
Marius: Marius Vieth (Vocals/Guitar)
Michael/Michi: Michael Reihle (Drums)
Yoshi: Joshua Meinert (Guitar)

The creation of ‘In A Box’ was fuelled by songwriting trips to England, China and Switzerland, as well as much time spent in Berlin. Regarding the experience of recording over a prolonged period of time, vocalist Marius Vieth says “I really enjoyed working with so many different setups. You absorb everything when you’re young – I want to take advantage of that.”

“‘In A Box’ is ambiguous,” he continues, musing on the album’s title. “Is the box your prison or your hiding place? Do you get claustrophobic when you think about sitting in a noiseless, random, dark box or do you even wish to be in such a place? People cannot be divided or sorted by this question. It is the moments, the feelings, the actions that make everyone react and feel differently. Torn between fear and longing, we tell each of you what we feel and how far-reaching those feelings are within this album.”


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