Ty Trehern is no stranger to doing things differently. Growing up in small town Long Beach, MS, Trehern creates a dynamic, high-energy style of music with a variety of different influences, resulting in something that is as sonically fluid as it is personal.

Of his latest single “The Air,” Ty says, “While working on new material, I wanted to push myself to not only create something powerful sonically but to explore certain places and topics that I hadn’t touched upon before lyrically as well. In order to accomplish that, the songs demanded a very specific energy and atmosphere. With “The Air,” we were able to capture that almost immediately.”

Surrounded by music from an early age, Ty Trehern released his debut EP “The Sound” in January 2019 and was nominated for “Best Local Songwriter,” “Album of the Year (The Sound EP),” and “Song of the Year (Something to Find) by Signature Magazine and FestivalSouth.

With a new full-length record on the horizon, Ty Trehern looks to make 2020 the biggest year of his career yet.

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