Electric Mob is an awesome new hard rock band from Curitiba, Brazil that we’ve been gabbing about non-stop and their debut album, “Discharge” finally saw the light of day last week. Check out a killer cut (and just released music video) from the album, ‘Far Off’!

Watch the video of “Far Off”

Buy or Stream: https://orcd.co/electricmob | Watch the video for ‘Devil You Know’: https://youtu.be/wAdCDhi-qQM | Watch the video for ‘Upside Down’: https://youtu.be/6V3leWmDecQ

Best debut rock album of 2020! – A&p-REACTS

“Discharge” is nothing short of a hard rock heart attack! – Battle Helm Magazine

Expertly mixed and engineered, Discharge features eleven tightly written and superbly performed songs, with the sound of a band that has been at this for years. Frontiers refer to Electric Mob as “One of rock’s most exciting and promising newcomers in years,” and I have to agree.” RAMzine

All said, Electric Mob’s Discharge is an impressive and entertaining debut album of bit bluesy heavy rock from this upstart Brazilian band. Recommended. Dangerdog Music Reviews
A massively impressive debut and one that will see the band making major ripples across the globe, ‘Discharge’ will soon find itself in the collection of many a fan of gold standard hard rock. One of the most exciting bands on the planet. Metalplanetmusic