(Photo by John Ferreira)

 Today, Pray For Sleep the music video for their new single “Blood Is Not Blue,” which was filmed in quarantine using the Zoom platform. The band dedicates the video to all 2020 graduates missing out on proms and graduation ceremonies, to show they are in solidarity with them with practicing social distancing. Two of the band members have siblings that are seniors this year, making the situation even more personal.

See the video for “Blood Is Not Blue” here: 

“We are not alone.” In a nation full of young people feeling increasingly isolated and hopeless, it’s a powerful message. It’s also the driving force behind Columbus, Ohio-based band Pray For Sleep, who aims to be a positive influence in the hard rock genre.

This month, the on-the-rise band—vocalist Grant DeCrane, 23; drummer Reno Houston, 20; and guitarist Hayden Kissler, 20—has also participated in a series of activities to promote Mental Health Awareness Month. On May 1, they self-released a digital version of their album Behind Our Eyes and also appeared in an Instagram Live segment with the 320 Festival, a one-of-a-kind online event promoting mental and behavioral health from the Kevin Lyman Group and Talinda Bennington. And on May 15, they were part of the “We Are The Majority Rally” hosted by the Prevention Action Alliance, an organization that encourages youth to make responsible decisions.

On June 5, Pray For Sleep will perform “Blood Is Not Blue” plus additional songs from Behind Our Eyes in a special live streaming concert. The event will be broadcast at 7 pm ET from JCR Studios in Marion, Ohio and can be viewed here: https://boxcast.tv/view/pray-for-sleep-livestream-495491

Vocalist Grant DeCrane says, “We are super excited to be able to perform these songs for our fans. We know it’s not the same as a live show, but we are excited to work with Brian and JCR Studios—their streamed shows have been great! Be sure to check out the show as there might be a few surprises!”

In addition to music, the band started the Scream Back program in November 2019, aligning with the educational messaging of Nationwide Children’s Hospital’s On Our Sleeves™ movement, and partnering with Columbus’ active rock radio station 99.7 The Blitz (WRKZ) and SJC Custom Drums. The program utilizes in-school appearances to deliver peer messaging and personal stories that challenge fellow young people to have an open dialogue about mental health.

In addition to contributing all proceeds from their first headlining show to On Our Sleeves™, Pray For Sleep also submitted their lyrics to the hospital’s mental health experts for their input prior to the release.

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For information or to get involved with Scream Back, please visit:https://www.screamback.org/