RUPHUS’ fourth full-length album “Inner Voice” hits the streets today on Karisma records in what is the label’s mission to release all six albums from the legendary Prog Rockers.  The album joins the previously released “New Born Day”, “Ranshart” and  “Let Your Light Shine”, leaving a further two, “Flying Colours” and “Manmade”,  whose release later this year will complete this exceptional set.

Once again produced by the legendary Terje Rypdal ,  “Inner Voice” saw the arrival of new members Sylvi Lillegaard on vocals and Jan Simonsen on keyboards,  whose presence  introduced fresh blood and musical influences to RUPHUS who had, by now, relocated to Germany following the massive success of the band’s previous release “Let Your Light Shine”.

As with all the re-releases in the series, “Inner Voice” has been mastered by Jacob Holm-Lupo  (White Willow, The Opium Cartel, etc) and offers the fans a prime example of the Norwegian Proggy Jazz Rock genre of the ’70’s. It is the album that firmly cemented the band’s reputation as one of the leading lights on the European Jazz Rock Scene.

With cover design by Jan Ole Norum and cover photo by Kim Hart, track listing for “Inner Voice” is as follows:

1. Inner Voice
2. Come Into View
3. No Deal
4. Too Late
5. Within The Walls
6. Left Behind

“Inner Voice” is available in CD, black vinyl and a 250 copy limited edition in transparent blue vinyl from all the usual retailers or directly from

A versatile and ground-breaking band, RUPHUS, with their long, melodic, compositions,  and multiple, intertwined themes, were regarded as being the Norwegian equivalent of YES, not just in style, but also in skill.   The band’s revolving door policy as regards their lineup meant that, as members left and others joined, RUPHUS’ sound changed accordingly,  taking them from their early days playing hard progressive rock, to becoming one of the leaders in the field of jazz rock. Only Kjell Larsen (guitar) and Asle Nilsen (bass, flute) would go on to play on all of RUPHUS’ albums. 


A video of RUPHUS playing live at the studios of Norway’s  NRK TV can be seen at


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