Pink Floyd “echo” in this track. In fact, this song was originally entitled “The last flight of the crazy diamond” and it was composed when Syd Barrett passed away. Then the song  evolved and became a universal song about mental illness and the daily monsters we face (“I can’t find peace, they just keep saying that my thoughts have been splitting up”), in the society of mass nonconformism (“Being a rebel or just a trained dog? Neither, my choice: it’s better to be alone with something or someone to love”).

“We are so closed and alone in an open society…” 
… Brano tratto da: 
la Stella Rossa del Kinotto (album, 2018) 
Musica: Joe Roial 
Lyrics: Jesus Blanco III 
Arrangementi: Gianluca Vergalito​ 
Registrazione: BradipHouse​ 
Mixaggio e master: Gianluca Vergalito​ 
Video realizzato con filmati tratti da 
(Licenza Creative Commons 3.0) 

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