Berlin-based band, Jamila & The Other Heroes, is proud to announce the release of their highly anticipated new single “Ya Habibi, La! يا حبيبي، لا”. This powerful track is the first single from their upcoming 2nd studio album, “Bazaar Bizarre (سوق مجنون).” After two years of extensive touring across Germany, Italy, and Egypt, the band has refined their unique sound, blending elements of psychedelic rock with Arab percussion, funky riffs, and powerful vocals.

Lead singer, Jamila Al-Yousef, uses her lyrics in both Arabic and English to take a bold stand against discrimination, including racism and sexism. Through her music, she aims to empower individuals to speak up and heal.

The single “Ya Habibi, La! يا حبيبي، لا” was inspired by a traumatic experience Jamila endured last summer. After a concert in Munich, she was sexually assaulted by an unknown guest. This harrowing experience led Jamila to reach out to fellow female musicians and create a strong, feminist choir for the bridge of the song. The result is a powerful and moving message about the importance of taking care of each other, especially in the music scene.

The full album will be released on 26/05, with a release show taking place at Festsaal Kreuzberg, presented by Alberlin. The album promises to be a powerful and meaningful listen, showcasing the band’s refined sound and bold political stance. Get ready to be moved by the powerful lyrics and innovative sound of Jamila & The Other Heroes’ “Bazaar Bizarre (سوق مجنون).”