For our second album we wanted to do something different but most of all I wanted and needed time to have new ideas for new lyrics. Paul wanted to release the new album very quickly after Many Miles Away but we had nothing, no music, no lyrics. So I started to think. 

I had this idea for a song for several years: the story of a man or a woman that couldn’t die no matter what. At first, he/she thought it was a blessing: the dream of eternal life… But nothing lasts forever, not even our Earth… what would happen to him/her then, drifting alone in the space?

Released April 24, 2020 

JP. Benadjer: guitars, bass, vocals, mix 
S.Bournier: drums, vocals, lyrics, additional guitars 
Paul J.No: lead vocals, keyboards, additional guitars 
Kora: spoken voice 

Recorded and produced by Lunear 
Mixed by JP. Benadjer